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Welcome to WMA HI-2 Wahine Koa Chapter

Welcome to WMA HI-2 Wahine Koa Chapter

Welcome to WMA HI-2 Wahine Koa ChapterWelcome to WMA HI-2 Wahine Koa ChapterWelcome to WMA HI-2 Wahine Koa Chapter

Women Marines Story

Women Marines Association


The Women Marines Association (WMA) is the only charitable organization for and about women Marines.  It is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization.  

WMA was established in 1960 in Denver, Colorado, to ensure that our history as Marines would continue to be told and passed on to new generations of Marines.  Chapters and members from across the country work on national, state, and community programs and support our military personnel, our veterans and their communities.   They reach across all areas where there is a need.

WMA is a member of the National Marine Corps Council and maintains a liaison with Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps.

The WMA is envisioned to be the veterans’ organization of choice for female Marines, past, present, and future, looking for camaraderie, mentoring, and support.

WMA’s mission is to preserve and promote the history and traditions of women in the Marine Corps from World War 1 to the present; to conduct programs for educational and charitable purposes; to promote the welfare of the elderly, disabled, and needy women Marine veterans, as well as women currently serving in the Marine Corps; to provide entertainment, care, and assistance to hospitalized veterans and members of the Armed Forces of the United States; to sponsor or participate in activities of a patriotic nature, particularly those that perpetuate the traditions and esprit de corps of the U.S. Marine Corps; and to foster the spirit of comradeship of women who have served or now serve in the U.S. Marine Corps, regular or reserve components. 


HI-2 Wahine Koa Charter

Our Charter


Charter issued at the Women Marines Association 2018 Convention in Washington DC

Our Chapter Flag had the honor of participating in Presentation of Flags

Charter Chapter President waiting to March on


March on WMA HI-2 Chapter Flag


Wahine Koa WMA Convention 2018


WMA Charter Presentation


HI-2 Wahine Koa Charter Installation of Officers

Jan Powell-Campbell Installing Officer


Charter Chapter VP Bonnie Skinner


Charter Chapter Secretary Betty Kramer


Candle Aloha Ceremony


Charter Candle Ceremony Table


Charter Celebration


HI-2 Wahine Koa Chapter Story

Wahine Koa


“Wahine Koa” means “woman warrior” in the Hawaiian language.  Rather than selecting a  well-known Hawaii-related name for our chapter, we chose a name to both define our membership and to  honor the culture of Hawai’i.     

The Wahine Koa Chapter HI-2 is the second chapter that has formed in the State of Hawaii (Island of Oahu).  It received its charter on 26 June 2018  and was formerly presented as a chapter at the WMA Biennial Convention in August 2018 in Washington, DC.   A former chapter, the Aloha Chapter HI-2 unfortunately had to disband several years earlier due primarily to the aging of its members.     Home to Marine Corps Base-Hawaii it became apparent that there was still a need for a chapter so 20 active duty, retired, reserve, and veteran women Marines came together in early 2018 to start a new one.     Charter members consist of both members from the prior Aloha Chapter HI-1 and the new Wahine Koa Chapter HI-2.   As a way to acknowledge the blending of both the former new chapters we chose to conduct our installation with a Hawaiian-themed “Aloha” ceremony:  one member from the (former) Aloha and one from the (new) Wahine Koa each held pre-lighted candle tapers and together lit a centerpiece candle to highlight the passing of “aloha” from the former to the new chapter.   See photos below.   Each officer was installed to her position with lei-- each in a significant color that represented her elected office (purple for the president, gold for the vice president, white for the secretary and green for the treasurer).  The Installing Officer was Jan Powell-Campbell and the guest of honor was WMA Area Director 10, Soledad Kennedy.  

Our mission is to continue with what we all started when we stepped on those famous yellow footprints.  We assist WMA in carrying out the national mission on a more local level.  

Once established, our scholarship program will benefit the cadet Marines of Kapolei High School’s Marine Corps JROTC program.   We meet the 3rd Saturday monthly either for a business meeting, special event, or just for fun, food, and sisterly camaraderie.   We do enjoy a supportive relationship with the Aloha Detachment #363, Marine Corps League.